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What to Expect During Your FREE In-Home Bathroom Remodel Design Consultation

Choosing to remodel a bathroom is rarely a decision made on a whim. If you’ve scheduled or are considering scheduling a free in-home design consultation with us, you’ve likely spent weeks or even months contemplating your options and making sure this decision is the right one.

For Those Who Have Scheduled a Consultation:

Congratulations! You’re on your way to starting a beautiful, hassle-free bathroom remodel project. Our team is excited to help bring your vision to life.

For Those Still Considering a Consultation:

If you’re still debating whether to schedule an in-home design consultation and want to know what to expect, you’re in the right place!

In this blog, we’ll detail what to expect during your free in-home design consultation, everything you need to know ahead of your appointment, and how you can prepare if you choose to do so.

Our design consultants work with you to design the bathroom of your dreams and get you an exact price on your project.

Must-Dos & What to Expect

The 2 Must-Dos to Prepare for Your Free In-Home Design Consultation: 

    1. Ensure that all household decision-makers are going to be at the consultation. This includes anyone on the title of the home. It is important to answer the questions of all homeowners and decision makers. The key to a successful home remodel starts with communication.
    2. Ensure you’ve blocked out 60-90 minutes to dedicate fully to discussing your project with a design consultant.

What Your Design Consultant Will Bring: 

    • Samples of our styles and colors
    • Photos of remodels we’ve completed
    • Measuring tape to get exact measurements on your unique space
    • Moisture reader
    • An exact price on your remodel

Design Consultation Itinerary:

1. Discuss the Needs of Your Space

This part is easy! Just let us know what you’re looking for in a bathroom remodel. Share your goals, concerns, and any specific needs you have, so we can tailor our approach to suit your vision.

2. Measure Your Space

Your design consultant will take precise measurements of the area you’re looking to remodel. Accurate dimensions are crucial for planning your remodel and estimating costs accurately.

3. Choose Colors, Patterns, and Fixtures

This is the fun part! Mix and match from our endless array of styles to design the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Our design consultant will help you select the perfect colors, patterns, and fixtures to bring your vision to life.

4. Get an Exact Price on Your Remodel

Once we understand the scope of your project, have the measurements, and you’ve chosen the styles that fit your space, your design consultant will provide you with an exact price for your remodel.

5. Move Forward with Your Remodel

Ready to proceed? Sign the contract, and we’ll order your materials, schedule your installation, and complete the job to your satisfaction.

Our design consultants will bring samples to peruse so you can style your remodel precisely how you imagine.

Things You Could Do to Prepare Before Your Design Consultation:

It’s important to know that beyond the must-dos mentioned above, there’s not much you need to do to prepare. Our design consultants are experienced in working with both homeowners who know exactly what they want and those who are just starting to explore the possibilities for their space.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you can trust that your design consultant will work with you to gain a clearer picture of what your remodel can look like and how to achieve it.

Set Bathroom Remodel Goals

Decide what your goals are and align them with any other decision-makers in the household. The easiest way to do this is to consider your needs and wants. Here are some common considerations to help you define your needs:

Define Your Needs:

If you’ve reached out to us about a bathroom remodel, it’s likely you have some ideas about what your needs are. Below are some of the more common needs we see to help you start thinking about this:

Addressing Damage and Potential Leaks

Perhaps your shower pan is cracked, and you need to replace your tub or shower to avoid water leaking into your crawl space or from the second floor down to your first floor. Maybe you already have a wet spot from your second-floor bathroom that’s visible downstairs. Or you’ve noticed sagging in your tub and you’re unsure of the extent of the damage underneath your shower or tub.

If you notice mold growing in the grout line that appears again after cleaning, that is a sign that the water is already behind the tile and doing damage behind the wall.

Our design consultants come equipped with a variety of tools, including a moisture reader, to determine if there’s water seeping into the walls or floors of your bathroom.

At this project, we uncovered some nasty rot. We always take care of whatever we find under your old shower and we'll make sure this never happens again.

Upgrading for Safety and Aging in Place

Bathrooms are the most hazardous rooms in the house for seniors. Adding some simple upgrades can enhance safety and provide peace of mind.

We offer an entire blog dedicated to aging in place that details the options available to increase bathroom safety as you age in your home.

Walk-in tubs are just one option to help you bathe safely.

Ensuring Longevity and Durability

For some homeowners, the primary concern is the longevity and reliability of their bathroom remodel.

We pride ourselves on crafting resilient bathrooms backed by a 15-year labor warranty and a lifetime product warranty. Our installers, who are full-time employees and bathroom remodeling experts, ensure that your bathroom remodel will stand the test of time.

Balancing Budget and Quality

Cost is often a significant factor in a bathroom remodel, but it’s important to consider the value and longevity of your investment.

While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s crucial to think about the long-term value and return on your investment. Cheap materials and labor often lead to additional remodels within a few years. By choosing EZPro Baths Express, you get a 15-year labor warranty and a lifetime product warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

There’s an old adage in the bathroom remodeling industry: “Remodel nice or remodel twice.” This investment in your home should be done by the right company using high-quality materials installed by masters of their craft.

We have a blog about the factors that affect the cost of a bathroom remodel, so take a look at that to pin down what’s important to your remodel project.

We also offer financing options and run monthly specials. Stay in touch with us on social media to keep updated on our current remodel specials.

Modernizing Outdated Bathrooms

An outdated bathroom can be an eyesore and decrease the value of your home. If your bathroom is 20-30 years old and hasn’t had an upgrade, it’s a good idea to invest in a modern bathroom remodel.

Have a bathroom from the 20th century? We'll design your bathroom with modern trends and timeless looks.

Define your Wants:

This is the fun part! Figure out what you want your dream bathroom to look like. There are so many different directions you can go to build the bathroom you’ve been fantasizing about.

Vanities & Countertops

Our countertops are made with virgin acrylic and make for the most beautiful, easy-to-clean bathroom sink out there.  Our vanities can be customized for different drawer types and sizes. We have endless colors and patterns for vanities and countertops so you can mix & match to fit your style.

Your morning routine can be come a lot more stylish with a brand new vanity

Get New Flooring Installed

Don’t neglect your bathroom flooring. We often see bathrooms with showers or tubs in desperate need of an upgrade and homeowners choose to update the wet areas and avoid installing new flooring. New flooring can add so much

Our flooring is made from luxury vinyl that holds heat in the winter months and stays cool in the summer months. It’s also incredibly water-tight so you can rest assured that no moisture is leaking through into the subfloor.

Our flooring is made from luxury vinyl that holds heat in the winter months and stays cool in the summer.

Consider a Custom Glass Shower

Glass showers are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Custom glass showers look stunning and can become the centerpiece of your bathroom. They’re some of the projects we love to share the most due to their sleek and modern look.

Choosing custom glass offers a sleak, modern look

Do Some Research and Get Inspired

Research can go a long way in defining your remodel goals and determining what’s most important for you and your family. There are many ways to gather ideas and inspiration before starting your bathroom remodel. Here are a few key places you may have missed:

Download Our Design & Idea Book

Our design book is packed with ideas, styles, examples, and a contractor checklist that you can use when researching other remodelers. It’s a great starting point to explore different design possibilities and ensure you’re asking the right questions.

Check Out Our Before & After Gallery

We have hundreds of before & after photos on our website and social media pages. These photos can give you a sense of what’s possible and inspire your own bathroom remodel.

Flip through our before & after gallery get inspiration on your next remodel!

Follow Us on Social Media

Stay updated and get inspired by following us on Facebook and Instagram for amazing photos, or check out our YouTube and TikTok channels for stunning videos of our recent projects.

Read Our Google Reviews

Check out our Google reviews at the location nearest your home to see recent projects and hear about the experiences of our customers. This can provide insight into the quality of our work and customer satisfaction.

Ask Your Neighbors About Us

There’s a good chance someone in your neighborhood has had a bathroom remodel done by us. Ask around to hear about their experiences and see the results firsthand.

Search for Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a treasure trove of interior design ideas, especially for bathroom remodels. Create a board to save your favorite styles and design elements, helping you to visualize your dream bathroom.

Ready to Transform Your Bathroom?

Embarking on a bathroom remodel is an exciting journey, and a free in-home design consultation is the perfect way to start. Whether you have a clear vision or are just beginning to explore your options, our experienced design consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

From discussing your needs and taking precise measurements to helping you choose the perfect colors, patterns, and fixtures, we ensure that every detail is tailored to your preferences.

We believe in creating beautiful, functional bathrooms that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

So, take the next step towards your dream bathroom and schedule your free in-home design consultation with us today. We’re excited to help you transform your space into something everyone in the family loves.

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