EZ Pro Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are a safe solution for aging in place.

The advantage of a EZ Pro walk-in tub compared to a regular bathtub is the ability to step-in and over a extremely low threshold.

Our walk-in tubs have features that not only make the transition in and out of your tub easy, but provide the comfort, safety and independence that take it from a normal bathtub to a revitalizing bathing experience. Our walk in tubs come in a variety of options, sizes and styles to accommodate your personalized needs.

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Our Walk-In-Tub Features

• Easy accessibility

• Textured non slip tub floor

• Jets

• Grab bars for safety

• Built in hand Held

• ADA compliant seat

• Dual drain- faster existing

• Low entry

• Removable neck/back seat cushion

• 2 speed blower (purger)

• In-line heater (maintain heat in tub)

• Easy to clean, scratch and stain resistance gel coat

• Built in stainless steel grab bar.

• Stand up shower available


Therapeutic Benefits

Hydrotherapy ( =360 degree 10 jets for maximum control and therapy)- 20 minutes of hydrotherapy is equivalent to walking 1 mile, has the same health benefits).

Air therapy-18 jets, less evasive, for spa-like therapy. Release of tiny air bubbles, improving circulation, increase buoyancy making tired muscles weightless.

Chromotherapy- improves mood and enhances relaxation, relieves stress, insomnia and seasonal affect disorders.

Aromatherapy- a selection of scents available which releases neurochemicals in the brain that result in relaxation and invigorating, depending on scent. Different scents have different effect.

Ozone therapy- purifies water and aids in healing of the skin. Ozone enhances oxygen intake as well. The low density ozone has an oxidizing effect that actually disinfects the water.
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Humans have enjoyed the health benefits of hydrotherapy for thousands of years. Hydrotherapy in walk-in tubs is used to treat health issues such as arthritis, back pain, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, circulatory disease, diabetes, injuries, and stress related illness.

Hydrotherapy is becoming a popular therapy in home healthcare for aging seniors. Walk-in tub therapy provides tiny air bubbles and the massaging motion of water jets to create a beneficial reaction in your skin and tissues which leads to increased circulation and tissue oxygenation.
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Common Questions About Walk-In Tubs

Does a walk-in tub leak?

In short, no. However, walk-in-tubs can leak if the water-seal is damaged. If your walk-in tub is installed properly and the seal is maintained, then you don't have to worry about leaks or even potential flooding that could occur.

How do walk-in tubs work?

Walk-in tubs work by having a sealed door that opens to give easy access in and out of your tub. This prevents accidents from slipping or tripping over the ledges of traditional bath tubs. Since the door has a seal, once the walk-in tub door has been closed, all water is prevented from escaping onto your bathroom floor.

How to clean a walk-in tub

Ideally, you just clean it the same way as you would any normal bathtub, by using cleaning chemicals.

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Will Medicare Cover a Walk-In Tub?

Unfortunately, Medicare  does not typically pay for walk-in tubs. The program typically only covers durable medical equipment or devices that are medically required by a doctor to be used in the home.


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