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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Remodeling Company

When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a space teeming with comfort and style, selecting the perfect bathroom remodeling company for the job can be an alien and sometimes time-consuming process. But it doesn’t have to be! 

In this blog we’ll guide you through what you should consider before making this significant decision, ensuring an easy and satisfying renovation experience.

Proven Experience

Look for a company with a proven track record of successful bathroom renovations. Experienced professionals are more likely to handle unexpected challenges efficiently, delivering high-quality results within the agreed-upon timeline. 

EZ Tip: Seek out remodeling companies that employ installers as full-time staff rather than relying on subcontractors. When a company resorts to subcontracting, the subcontractor may not have the same motivation to deliver a high-quality final product; their primary focus tends to be on completing the job quickly rather than ensuring exceptional craftsmanship. 

Full-time staff bathroom remodeling installers

Get a Good Warranty

A reputable bathroom remodeling company should stand behind its work with a solid warranty. A good warranty ensures that any issues arising from the renovation will be addressed promptly and at no extra cost to you. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before making a decision. 

For example, at EZPro our acrylic tubs and showers are backed with a lifetime warranty against cracking, fading, and discoloration. We also include a 20-year labor warranty. 

Ensure A Minimal-Interruption Timeline

Let’s be honest, you don’t want your bathroom out of commission for weeks. Not only is that going to disrupt your daily routine, but it’s a constant distraction to have someone coming into your house that many days in a row. 

Discuss the expected timeline for your project with potential bathroom remodeling companies, including start and completion dates. A reliable remodeling company should be able to provide a realistic schedule that minimizes disruptions to your daily life. Clear communication regarding the expected timeline helps manage expectations and ensures a smooth renovation process. 

Simple projects like a bathtub or shower replacements should take as little as one day, while full bathroom remodels will typically take about a week. 

Support a Local Business

Opting for a local bathroom remodeling company not only fosters community growth but also ensures easier communication and a quicker response to issues that may arise during or after the renovation.  

Did you know when you spend $100 at a local business $68 stays in your community versus when you spend $100 at a non-local business, only $43 stays in your community. So, take the time to find a local bathroom remodeler for your project. Your community will thank you for it! 

EZPro Baths express is Carolina owned and operated with locations in Wilmington, Greensboro, Greenville, and Cary, NC as well as Myrtle Beach, SC. Check to see if we cover your area and get started on your remodel today.

See What Materials They Use

Knowing the materials a potential bathroom remodeling company plans to use is vital. High-quality materials contribute to the longevity and durability of your renovated bathroom. Ensure that the company is transparent about the materials they use and that they align with your preferences and budget. 

Some materials can be much harder to clean than others. At EZ Pro Baths Express, we only use virgin acrylic for your shower or tub. Acrylic is both durable (our acrylic comes with a lifetime warranty) and affordable, unlike materials like fiberglass, porcelain enameled steel, or enameled cast iron. 

Read more: Is Your Tub Fiberglass or Acrylic? 

Competitive Pricing

For some people cost may be the most important thing but consider a healthy balance of cost and quality. The last thing you want is to pay a reduced rate on your remodel only for the materials or craftsmanship to be sub-par.  

Bathroom remodeling companies should also be transparent about the cost of your project. At EZ Pro Baths Express, for example, once you fill out a contact form on our site, we’ll schedule a time to send a design consultant out to your house to understand the scope of your project and measure the exact space so we can get an exact price on your project. We never give estimates. 

Design Choice

Your bathroom should look the way you want it to. A good bathroom remodeling company should offer a variety of design options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or eclectic style, choose a company that embraces and accommodates your vision. 

From wall patterns to laser-etched tiles, color swatches, vanity styles, and flooring options, the design possibilities for a bathroom are vast. A remodeling company that provides an extensive selection of materials allows you to mix and match elements to create a customized look that aligns with your taste and complements your lifestyle. This level of flexibility ensures that your bathroom reflects your personality and meets your functional needs. 

A reputable bathroom remodeling company will often offer expert design consultations to help you navigate the multitude of choices available. Professional designers can provide valuable insights, suggest complementary combinations, and guide you in making informed decisions that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. 

Each bathroom is unique in terms of layout, size, and architectural features. A remodeling company that provides custom solutions tailors the design to your specific space, maximizing functionality and visual appeal. Customization allows for the integration of innovative and personalized touches that elevate your bathroom beyond standard designs. 

Keep an Eye Out for Deals and Specials

Renovating your bathroom can be a significant investment, and finding ways to save on costs is always a welcome opportunity. Keep a vigilant eye out for any ongoing deals or specials that bathroom remodeling companies may offer, as this can make a considerable difference in your overall budget.  

Many remodeling companies introduce seasonal promotions or discounts. These promotions might coincide with slower seasons in the industry, encouraging homeowners to undertake renovations during these periods. Keep an eye out for special offers during times when demand is traditionally lower, as this could lead to more competitive pricing. 

Stay connected with the remodeling company through their social media channels. Usually, companies announce exclusive deals or promotions to their online communities. By following them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you can stay informed about any upcoming specials or limited-time offers. 

Check if the remodeling company has a referral program in place. Some companies offer discounts or incentives to clients who refer their friends and neighbors. This not only benefits you but also reflects positively on the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as they are likely to reward loyal clients who bring in new business. EZPro Baths Express we offer $250 for every referral that purchases from us. 

Financing Options

Check if the remodeling company offers financing options (most do!). This can make the renovation more affordable and manageable, allowing you to invest in your bathroom without compromising on quality. 

Quality Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is a hallmark of a reliable remodeling company. Choose a company that is responsive, attentive to your needs, and communicates effectively. Good customer service ensures a positive experience from the initial consultation to the completion of the project. 

Check Their Reviews

Before making any decisions, invest time in thoroughly reading reviews on Google and Better Business Bureau to gain insights into the company’s performance, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Customer reviews act as a reflection of the company’s reputation within the community. Positive reviews highlight satisfied clients who have had successful and pleasant experiences with the remodeling company. Conversely, negative reviews can signal potential red flags, helping you identify areas of concern that may impact your own experience. 

Many review platforms allow customers to upload photos of their completed projects. Taking the time to review these images provides a visual representation of the company’s work. This can be especially helpful in assessing the aesthetic quality, attention to detail, and the diversity of design styles the company is capable of delivering. 

Check Their Website and Social Media Accounts

Reputable bathroom remodeling companies actively engage with their audience on social media by regularly posting updates, project highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their work. Frequent posts demonstrate the company’s dedication to maintaining an online presence and connecting with their clientele. 

A well-designed and informative website is a reflection of a company’s commitment to good branding. Check for a comprehensive portfolio showcasing a variety of completed projects. High-quality images, detailed project descriptions, and testimonials contribute to a positive online representation. A company that takes the time to curate an appealing and informative website is likely to approach their projects with the same level of care and attention. 

Licensed and Insured

A valid general contractor’s license demonstrates that the company meets the necessary legal requirements and has the expertise to perform the work. Insurance, on the other hand, protects you and the workers in case of accidents or damage during the renovation process. 

A licensed company has met the state or local regulatory standards for construction and remodeling. This ensures that they are knowledgeable about building codes, safety regulations, and industry best practices. Verify the license status and inquire about any specific requirements in your area. 

Adequate insurance coverage is essential to protect both you and the remodeling team. Confirm that the company carries liability insurance, which covers damage to your property caused by the remodeling process. Additionally, workers’ compensation insurance protects you from liability in case a worker is injured while working on your project. 

Make Your Next Bathroom Remodel EZ Pro

We’re here to turn your dream bathroom into a reality. Schedule an in-home consultation with us today, and let our experts guide you through the process. From discussing your design preferences to providing a detailed project estimate, we’re committed to making your bathroom remodeling experience smooth and hassle-free. 

Don’t just envision your dream bathroom – take the first step towards making it a reality by getting a price on your project. Contact us now to start your journey to a beautifully renovated bathroom. 

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