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Make Your Life Easier With a Walk-In Tub

The senior population is rapidly growing, with an estimated 71.5 million Americans over the age of 65 expected by 2030. Among this population, aging in place is becoming more popular than ever before, as seniors opt to stay in their homes for as long as possible. If you’re planning to do the same, we recommend adding a walk-in tub to your primary bathroom. 

Are you wondering if a walk-in tub is the best choice for your family? Continue reading to learn more about how adding one to your home can make your life easier. 

You Can Take Advantage of the Benefits of Hydrotherapy 

As you get older, you’ll likely start to notice aches and pains that never used to plague you in the past. Now, we’re not promising that a walk-in tub will completely relieve that pain. However, water therapy has been used for generations to help ease pain in joints and muscles. 

Here at EZPro Baths Express, our walk-in tubs come with water jets that can help you take advantage of hydrotherapy. Combined with the heat in the water, these jets can help improve your circulation, relieve tight muscles, and even increase the release of endorphins. 

They’re a Great Aging-in-Place Solution

As we mentioned above, adding a walk-in tub to your home can help you age in place more easily. This allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home for longer and can help you save on the high costs of moving into an assisted living community. 

Best of all, adding a walk-in tub to your bathroom is a relatively simple modification, so it’s a great place to get started in the quest to make your home safer as you get older. 

They’re Versatile

Did you know that you can use your walk-in tub as a shower too? It’s true! If you want to have the option of a walk-in shower, but you don’t want to completely give up the ease of showering, you can have peace of mind that a walk-in tub can be used for both. 

When you hire our team to install your walk-in tub, you can opt to add an extendable shower head and a shower rod. Then, when you feel like taking a shower instead of a bath, you’ll have everything you need. 

You’ll Find It Easier to Maintain Your Hygiene

As your mobility changes over time, you might find that it’s harder to bathe and maintain your personal hygiene. Using a walk-in tub makes the whole bathing process easier, giving you a comfortable place to sit so it’s easier to stay clean. 

Some models can even be equipped with a built-in bidet, making it easier than ever to clean those hard-to-reach places. As a result, you can stay confidently clean without any extra effort. 

They Can Help You Stay Safe

Bathrooms pose the greatest safety risks for seniors because there are so many potential areas in which you can slip, trip, or fall. One of the greatest safety risks is stepping over the high threshold of a traditional bathtub or shower. With a walk-in tub, you won’t have to worry about that risk. 

Walk-in tubs have a secure door that opens into the tub, so you can step inside without fear of tripping. We can also add extra safety features like grab bars to your walk-in tub to give you extra stability while you bathe. 

Consider Adding a Walk-In Tub to Your Home

Now that you know more about how a walk-in tub can make your life easier, why wait any longer to add one to your home? Whether you’re planning to age in place, you want to take advantage of hydrotherapy, or you just want a comfortable place to soak all your worries away, a walk-in tub is a perfect solution for your home. 

When you’re ready to start planning your bathroom remodel, the EZPro Baths Express team is here for your walk-in tub installation in central and eastern North Carolina. We’re with you every step of the way. Contact us today to request a free quote for your walk-in tub project.