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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Farmville, NC

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Transform your bathroom by getting rid of a seldom-used bathtub and replacing it with a beautiful, modern shower through the expertise of EZPro Baths Express. We specialize in tub-to-shower conversions, offering a quick and efficient solution that can completely change the look of your bathroom in just a day or two.

At EZPro Baths Express, we understand the impact a well-designed shower can have on the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Our tub-to-shower conversions are expertly executed, providing a swift transformation that enhances both the functionality and appearance of your space. Trust EZPro Baths Express to seamlessly replace your bathtub with a modern shower, ensuring a stylish and contemporary update to your bathroom.

Shower Replacements

Revitalize your bathroom with a chic new look by opting for a shower replacement project from our team at EZPro Baths Express. After years, or even decades, of daily use, showers can begin to look dingy, and if intense cleaning sessions are no longer effective, our team is here to provide a stylish solution.

At EZPro Baths Express, we specialize in shower replacements that breathe new life into your bathroom. Our team is dedicated to delivering a chic and modern update, ensuring your shower becomes a focal point of elegance. Trust EZPro Baths Express to execute a shower replacement project that rejuvenates your bathroom, providing a fresh and sophisticated appearance to the space.

Tub Replacements

Enhance your bathroom experience by replacing your old tub with a comfortable, deep-soaking bathtub through our tub replacement services at EZPro Baths Express. Perfect for soaking the stress away after a long day, our deep-soaking tubs provide a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. The best part? We can often complete a tub replacement project in as little as just one day!

At EZPro Baths Express, we prioritize both efficiency and comfort in our services. Our team is dedicated to transforming your bathroom with a deep-soaking bathtub that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also elevates your bathing routine. Trust EZPro Baths Express to seamlessly complete a tub replacement project, allowing you to enjoy a new level of relaxation in your bathroom.

Walk-In Tubs

Give yourself an upgrade in the bathtub replacement process by choosing a high-quality walk-in tub from EZPro Baths Express. Our walk-in tubs feature comfortable built-in seating and hydrotherapy jets, providing a safe yet luxurious bathing experience every single day.

At EZPro Baths Express, we understand the importance of safety and comfort in your bathing routine. Our walk-in tubs offer a perfect blend of accessibility and luxury, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy while ensuring a secure bathing experience. Trust EZPro Baths Express to seamlessly replace your bathtub with a high-quality walk-in tub, enhancing both safety and indulgence in your daily routine.

Barrier-Free Showers

Eliminate concerns about tripping and stumbling by installing a barrier-free shower in your bathroom with EZPro Baths Express. With an entrance that’s flush with the floor, these showers ensure a seamless transition, providing you with a safe and worry-free bathing experience.

At EZPro Baths Express, we prioritize safety and accessibility in our solutions. Our barrier-free showers are designed to enhance your bathroom experience by eliminating obstacles and reducing the risk of accidents. Trust EZPro Baths Express to expertly install a barrier-free shower in your bathroom, offering both convenience and peace of mind in your daily routine.

Handicap-Accessible Bathroom Remodels

Address all your accessibility needs with a complete handicap-accessible bathroom remodel by trusting the EZPro Baths Express team. Sometimes, a new tub or shower is not enough, and in such cases, our team is dedicated to creating a bathroom that caters to your specific needs.

At EZPro Baths Express, we understand that every individual has unique requirements, especially when it comes to accessibility. Our team is experienced in executing comprehensive handicap-accessible bathroom remodels, ensuring features like easy-to-reach faucets, non-slip flooring, and other customizations that enhance the safety and comfort of your bathroom. Trust EZPro Baths Express to create a bathroom that is not only stylish but also tailored to your specific needs, providing a space that prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics.

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