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Barrier-Free Showers

Enhance the safety and accessibility of your Myrtle Beach home with an aging-in-place option – the installation of a barrier-free shower by EZPro Baths Express. Recognizing that bathroom accidents often occur due to tripping over traditional bathtub or shower thresholds, a barrier-free shower eliminates this risk by having no threshold to step over.

With EZPro Baths Express, you can confidently choose a barrier-free shower that allows you to walk or roll into your shower without fear of tripping. This thoughtful and practical solution ensures that your Myrtle Beach bathroom remains a safe and accessible space as you age. Trust EZPro Baths Express to provide expert installation and bring peace of mind to your bathing routine with a barrier-free shower designed for both safety and convenience.

Bathtub Replacements

Transform your Myrtle Beach bathing experience into a dream come true with a bathtub replacement from EZPro Baths Express. Picture yourself sliding into a warm bath, soaking away the stresses of the day. With our expert team, this scenario becomes a reality. Our acrylic tubs, available in deep-soaking options, are designed for your comfort, ensuring you can spend more time soaking and less time scrubbing.

At EZPro Baths Express, we understand the importance of creating a relaxing and enjoyable bathing space. Our acrylic tubs not only offer deep-soaking options but also prioritize easy maintenance, allowing you to fully indulge in your bath without the hassle of constant cleaning. Trust us to bring both luxury and convenience to your Myrtle Beach bathroom with our expertly installed bathtub replacements.

Handicap-Accessible Bathroom Remodels

Prioritize your safety and comfort in your Myrtle Beach home by considering a bathroom remodel with EZPro Baths Express. If you feel unsafe and want your bathroom to better fit your needs, our handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling services are designed to create a secure and comfortable space tailored to your requirements.

Our expert team at EZPro Baths Express specializes in thoughtful and comprehensive solutions. From installing grab bars and bench seating to ensuring easy-to-reach faucets and any other necessary modifications, we are committed to creating a bathroom that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for safety and comfort. Trust us to provide expert advice and bring peace of mind to your Myrtle Beach home with our handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling services.

Shower Replacements

Elevate your bathing experience in Myrtle Beach with a luxurious replacement shower from EZPro Baths Express. Crafted from high-quality and durable acrylic, our showers are designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Enjoy the beauty of your new shower, knowing it is resistant to scratches, mold, mildew, cracking, and fading.

At EZPro Baths Express, we prioritize quality and longevity in our solutions. Our replacement showers not only provide a luxurious bathing experience but also ensure that your Myrtle Beach bathroom maintains its pristine appearance over time. Trust us to deliver a shower that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, bringing both durability and style to your daily routine.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Reclaim unused space in your Myrtle Beach bathroom by opting for our tub-to-shower conversion services at EZPro Baths Express. If you have a tub that no longer serves its purpose, our expert team can efficiently remove it and replace it with a spacious walk-in shower. This conversion not only enhances functionality but also gives your bathroom a modern and updated appearance.

At EZPro Baths Express, we understand the importance of maximizing space and adapting your bathroom to better suit your needs. Our tub-to-shower conversion services offer a quick and effective solution to transform your Myrtle Beach bathroom, providing a more functional and contemporary space. Trust EZPro Baths Express to bring both efficiency and style to your bathroom with our expert tub-to-shower conversion services.

Walk-In Tubs

Prepare for aging in place in your Myrtle Beach home by choosing a walk-in tub installation from EZPro Baths Express. Our walk-in tubs are thoughtfully designed to support your independence as you age, providing a safe and luxurious bathing solution.

Equipped with an easy-access door, hydrotherapy jets, and a comfortable heated seat, our walk-in tubs offer a comprehensive bathing experience. The easy-access door ensures safe entry and exit, while the hydrotherapy jets provide therapeutic benefits for joints and muscles. The added comfort of a heated seat enhances the overall luxury of your bathing routine.

At EZPro Baths Express, we understand the importance of creating a bathroom that accommodates changing needs. Trust us to install a walk-in tub in your Myrtle Beach home, offering both safety and indulgence for a worry-free and luxurious bathing experience.

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Who We Are

At EZPro Baths Express, we’re all about revolutionizing your bathroom swiftly and with minimal fuss. Our expertise lies in providing unmatched value and optimizing your investment in bathroom remodeling throughout Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Kernersville, High Point, Winston-Salem, Greenville, New Bern, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Conway, and everywhere in between! Whether you’re envisioning a complete bathroom transformation or a straightforward tub/shower upgrade, EZPro is your go-to solution! With our committed team of full-time installers at the helm, rest assured of efficient project execution and cost-effectiveness, supplemented by occasional specialized subcontractors. EZPro Baths Express meticulously selects premium-grade products for your remodeling ventures, thoroughly vetted and industry-trusted. Take your time exploring samples displayed conveniently in our showrooms or opt for the convenience of an in-home presentation. Experience the convenience of a one-day bath remodel with EZPro! Call at (843) 418-4100. us to discover how to get your own beautiful bathroom. 

Meet Our Team

At EZPro, our contractor team sets us apart in the Carolinas! Each member brings years of expertise in bathroom remodeling, ensuring every project is executed with precision and efficiency. Our goal is beyond delivering a mere product; we strive for an exceptional 5-star installation, supported by a double lifetime warranty. This commitment ensures unparalleled quality and absolute peace of mind for our cherished customers!

Remodeled Bathroom Gallery

Check out our years of bathroom remodeling experience in Myrtle Beach! Our pictures and videos speak for themselves, bathroom remodeling is ALL we do!

Katy Allen
Katy Allen
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"John just completed his second bath installation for me, again in his superb perfectionist manner. I was so impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail on the first bath that I specifically waited until he was available to do the bigger master bath! Once again I wish I could give him 6 stars!! Thank you, John, for such a wonderful experience and result!!"
Cathy Gardner
Cathy Gardner
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"EzPro Baths Express work on our bathroom shower replacement and installation was excellent. Our installer Bryan Wilson did a great job and he was extremely professional and answered any of our questions. He did an excellent job on our shower and it really looks wonderful."
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith
Read More
"Jerry Smith was our installer and he did amazing work! This was a small bathroom in my dad’s part of the house and in-law suite and it was very important for us to have a quick install which Jerry did a great job at. He was so thorough in explaining what he did to my dad (84) and how we take care of it and even small things like saving us the hardware we requested he save for us to reuse. This was our first time using this company and we will absolutely be a return customer for another bathroom. I recommend this company and if you get a chance to request someone I’d highly recommend Jerry!"