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High Point, NC Bathroom Remodeling

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Elevate the aesthetic of your High Point bathroom and give it a contemporary edge with a swift tub-to-shower conversion. In just one day, our expert team can seamlessly remove your outdated bathtub and replace it with a sleek, modern shower available in virtually any design and color combination you can envision. Witness an instant transformation that not only enhances the appearance of your bathroom but also brings a touch of modernity to your daily routine.

Transform your High Point bathroom into a modern haven with the efficiency of a tub-to-shower conversion. In just one day, our dedicated team will remove your old bathtub and replace it with a stylish new shower, allowing you to choose from a wide array of designs and color combinations. Experience the rapid metamorphosis of your bathroom, enjoying a contemporary space that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

Shower Replacements

Upgrade your High Point shower with one of our top-quality acrylic options, and you may discover a significant reduction in the time spent on bathroom cleaning. Our replacement showers are crafted with high-quality acrylic that is resistant to mildew, mold, and stains. This means you can enjoy a bathroom that stays cleaner for longer, requiring minimal effort to maintain its pristine condition.

Experience the convenience of a low-maintenance bathroom by opting for our high-quality acrylic replacement showers in High Point. These showers are designed to resist mildew, mold, and stains, significantly reducing the need for extensive cleaning. Enjoy the luxury of a cleaner and more hygienic bathroom space with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Tub Replacements

As the years pass, it’s only natural for your bathtub to show signs of wear. Let our skilled team handle the wear and tear by removing your old tub and replacing it with a brand-new one that promises years of enjoyment. For an extra touch of luxury in your High Point home, contemplate upgrading to a 19-inch deep soaking tub—a perfect solution for indulging in stress-relieving soaks.

Bid farewell to the signs of aging in your bathtub with our professional team ready to replace it with a fresh, new counterpart that ensures lasting enjoyment. Elevate your High Point home with a touch of indulgence by considering an upgrade to a 19-inch deep soaking tub. Transform your bathing experience, allowing yourself to luxuriate in stress-relieving soaks for years to come.

Walk-In Tubs

For many High Point homeowners, the desire to age in place, remaining in the familiar comfort of their homes as they grow older, is a priority. If you share this goal, consider enhancing the safety of your bathroom with a walk-in tub. Unlike traditional bathtubs, walk-in tubs feature an easy entry door, eliminating the need to step over the side of the tub and reducing the risk of tripping. 

As a High Point homeowner with a commitment to aging in place, prioritizing your safety in the home is essential. Take a proactive step by installing a walk-in tub in your bathroom. These tubs, distinct from traditional ones, come equipped with an easy entry door, eliminating the need to navigate over the side of the tub and mitigating the risk of tripping. Seize the moment to enhance your home’s safety and create a bathroom environment that promotes both security and independence for the long term.

Barrier-Free Showers

If aging in place is a priority for you, consider the alternative of incorporating a barrier-free shower into your High Point home. These zero-entry showers offer a seamless transition, accommodating wheelchairs and walkers effortlessly. By opting for this accessible shower design, you’re investing in a solution that helps you maintain your independence during bathing, regardless of any mobility restrictions you may face. Make your bathroom a space that supports your evolving needs and promotes continued autonomy in your High Point home.

Empower your aging-in-place journey by introducing a barrier-free shower to your High Point home. These zero-entry showers provide a wheelchair and walker-friendly bathing solution, ensuring a seamless and accessible bathing experience. Prioritize your independence with this thoughtful addition to your bathroom, allowing you to age in place comfortably and safely. Invest in a home environment that evolves with your needs, enhancing both accessibility and convenience.

Handicap-Accessible Bathroom Remodels

If you find yourself feeling unsafe in your High Point home, it’s crucial to address potential hazards, especially in the bathroom where most injuries occur. The risk is elevated when your space doesn’t cater to your specific mobility requirements. Our skilled team specializes in constructing handicap-accessible bathrooms, offering the expertise needed to create a space uniquely tailored to your needs. With our assistance, you can transform your bathroom into a safe haven that not only meets but exceeds your mobility requirements, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Addressing safety concerns in your High Point home is paramount, particularly in spaces prone to injuries like the bathroom. Our team is well-versed in building handicap-accessible bathrooms, and we are ready to collaborate with you to create a space that caters specifically to your needs. By entrusting us with this project, you can ensure your bathroom becomes a secure environment, tailored to enhance your safety and overall well-being.

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