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Barrier-Free Showers

Enhance the safety of your Wilmington home as you age by considering the installation of a barrier-free shower. This accessible shower option is designed with a low threshold, facilitating easy entry by walking or rolling in. This upgrade not only ensures a more accessible bathing space but also allows you to maintain your independence, accommodating changes in mobility. Make your home a secure and adaptable environment, promoting confidence and autonomy in your daily bathing routine.

Transform your Wilmington residence into a more inclusive and safe space with the addition of a barrier-free shower. The low threshold simplifies entry, offering a seamless solution for individuals with varying mobility levels. This upgrade is a proactive step towards maintaining independence, allowing you to bathe with ease and comfort. Embrace the freedom of a barrier-free shower that evolves with your needs, ensuring a secure and accessible environment as you navigate changes in mobility over time.

Bathtub Replacements

Revitalize your bathing experience by trading in your worn-out Wilmington bathtub for an upgraded version that’s tailor-made for a rejuvenating soak after a taxing day. Choose from our selection of standard 13” tubs or indulge in the luxury of deep 19” soaking tubs, designed to provide a soothing retreat for your sore muscles. What’s more, our acrylic tubs come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind as they are backed against cracking, leaking, fading, and discoloration.

Transform your bath time into a truly relaxing escape with our range of durable and stylish acrylic tubs. Whether you prefer the standard size or crave the extra depth of a soaking tub, our options cater to your specific needs. Rest easy knowing that our acrylic tubs are not just a luxurious addition to your Wilmington home but also a long-lasting investment, supported by a lifetime warranty that covers key concerns like cracking, leaking, fading, and discoloration.

Handicap-Accessible Bathroom Remodels

Safeguard yourself from daily risks by ensuring your Wilmington bathroom is tailored to your specific needs. Inadequate accommodations can pose injury risks, but our team is here to provide comprehensive handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling services. We specialize in crafting spaces that perfectly align with your requirements. Whether it’s bench seating, easily reachable faucets, handheld bathing accessories, or any other specific modification, our dedicated team is well-equipped to make it happen.

Mitigate the risk of daily injuries by entrusting our team with your handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling needs. We understand the importance of a bathroom that not only suits your needs but also enhances safety and convenience. From functional elements like bench seating to thoughtful details such as easily reachable faucets and handheld bathing accessories, our team is committed to creating a tailored space that prioritizes your well-being and allows you to navigate your bathroom with confidence.

Shower Replacements

Elevate your daily routine by considering a well-deserved update for your shower. Opting for a shower replacement is a transformative choice that involves replacing your outdated bathing space with a resilient and aesthetically pleasing acrylic shower. Wilmington homeowners appreciate acrylic for its easy maintenance, diverse range of styles and colors, as well as its resistance to cracking, fading, and the growth of mold and mildew.

Make the most of your daily shower experience by choosing a durable and visually appealing acrylic shower. Our replacement service ensures not just a modernized aesthetic but also a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for your bathing area. Discover the benefits of acrylic, ranging from its ease of cleaning to its resistance against common issues like cracking and fading, making it a popular choice for homeowners in Wilmington seeking both style and practicality.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Reflect on your last bathtub experience, and if it no longer serves your needs, envision transforming it into a stunning shower. Our skilled team is ready to turn this idea into reality by crafting a unique and custom shower that seamlessly fits the space of your old bathtub. This transformation not only revitalizes your Wilmington bathroom but also enhances functionality for your family’s specific needs.

Rethink the purpose of your bathroom space with our expert assistance. Say goodbye to an underutilized tub and hello to a beautifully customized shower that caters to your lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to creating a space that aligns with your preferences, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Elevate your bathing experience and make your Wilmington bathroom a more tailored and enjoyable space for you and your family.

Walk-In Tubs

As we age, the bathroom can pose increased safety risks. If you’re contemplating aging in place in your Wilmington home, prioritize safety with a walk-in tub. The accessible door feature simplifies entry and exit, eliminating concerns about tripping over the tub’s side. Once inside, you can luxuriate in the comfort of a secure seat and the soothing effects of hydrotherapy jets. To further enhance safety, our walk-in tubs are equipped with built-in grab bars and a non-slip floor, ensuring a secure bathing experience that prioritizes your well-being.

Make your bathroom a safer haven with the thoughtful design of our walk-in tubs. Aging in place becomes more manageable and secure as you embrace the convenience of easy entry, comfortable seating, and therapeutic hydrotherapy. The inclusion of built-in grab bars and a non-slip floor underscores our commitment to providing a bathing solution that not only offers relaxation but also prioritizes your safety throughout every step of the bathing process.

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At EZPro Baths Express we can transform your bathroom in record time and with minimal hassle.

We specialize in delivering exceptional value and maximizing your investment in bathroom remodeling across Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Kernersville, High Point, Winston-Salem, Greenville, New Bern, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Conway, and everywhere in between! Whether you seek a comprehensive bathroom remodel or a simple tub/shower replacement, EZPro is your comprehensive solution! Our dedicated installers are full-time employees, ensuring efficient project completion and cost-effectiveness, with rare specialized subcontractors. EZPro Baths Express meticulously curates a range of top-tier products for your remodeling needs, rigorously tested and industry-proven. Explore samples conveniently showcased in our showrooms or opt for an in-home presentation. Experience the convenience of a one-day bath remodel with EZPro! Call us to discover how to get your own beautiful bathroom 910-900-8044.

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At EZPro, our team of contractors truly distinguishes us from any other contractor in the Carolinas! With each member boasting extensive years of experience in bathroom remodeling, they bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, ensuring precision and timeliness. Our ultimate aim? To deliver not just a product, but an exceptional 5-star installation, backed by a double lifetime warranty, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and peace of mind for our valued customers!

Remodeled Bathroom Gallery

Check out our years of bathroom remodeling experience! Our pictures and videos speak for themselves, bathroom remodeling is ALL we do!

Katy Allen
Katy Allen
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"John just completed his second bath installation for me, again in his superb perfectionist manner. I was so impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail on the first bath that I specifically waited until he was available to do the bigger master bath! Once again I wish I could give him 6 stars!! Thank you, John, for such a wonderful experience and result!!"
Cathy Gardner
Cathy Gardner
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"EzPro Baths Express work on our bathroom shower replacement and installation was excellent. Our installer Bryan Wilson did a great job and he was extremely professional and answered any of our questions. He did an excellent job on our shower and it really looks wonderful."
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith
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"Jerry Smith was our installer and he did amazing work! This was a small bathroom in my dad’s part of the house and in-law suite and it was very important for us to have a quick install which Jerry did a great job at. He was so thorough in explaining what he did to my dad (84) and how we take care of it and even small things like saving us the hardware we requested he save for us to reuse. This was our first time using this company and we will absolutely be a return customer for another bathroom. I recommend this company and if you get a chance to request someone I’d highly recommend Jerry!"

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